Hiring an Expert Hot Tub Mover 

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Moving and packing a hot tub are two of the arduous jobs you can do by yourself. Moving is never enjoyable and if you find moving a 500 to 1000 pounds hot tub, the job may seem too impossible. Not only you will break or injure your back trying to move it by yourself in order to save few cash, consider some of the expenses and obstacles you will face which may help you make a decision whether you need to hire a professional to efficiently and safely move your hot hub.

Hot Tub Mover

If you cannot decide whether to try to move your spa by yourself or to hire a professional, it is very essential to know the steps involved. In all cases, the hot tub should be drained first, cleaned and dried for transportation. Then, you will have enough manpower to make the spa tilt onto one side for an easier transport. Furniture dollies are also important if you are doing the task yourself however, they can be difficult sometimes. As a matter of fact, you may need to ask about renting spa dolly from a local hot tub company. The spa dolly is designed for a specific purpose which is moving a hot tub.

In addition to that, you may need to consider carefully the path which the hot tub should take to be loaded into the truck. The marked path should be free from all obstacles such as landscaping, railings, stairs which may hinder the procedure. For the additional protection, it is best to wrap the hot tub with plastic or stretch wrap in order to refrain scrapes and dings to the exterior shell.

Why Should You Consider Hiring a Professional?

Although cost can discourage you from getting a professional moving company in order to transport your spa, there are a lot of benefits brought about hiring them. Firstly, this professional will have enough laborers in order to physically move the spa. Aside from that, the moving company is also equipped with professional hot tub movers who are well-experienced and have the appropriate skill sets in this line of work.

When you decide to hire quality professional hot tub movers in Denver, they will first make a walk-in visit in your home in order to provide you with accurate written estimation for the tasks that they are about to perform. As a matter of fact, they will come with floor coverings, stretch wrap and moving pads to protect all the materials involved.

Most of the time, the hot tubs have specific packing instructions or will need special disassembly, and the professionals have already encountered with some of these cases. On top of that, if an unfortunate situation causes damage to either your hot tub or your home itself, the moving company basically carries full liability and the movers’ insurance to cover all the costs. So, hiring a professional moving company will just provide you peace of mind in which the task is handled safely, accordingly, and with slightest to no damage.

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